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What I learned from the Amish

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You know I am so blessed to be able to tour the United States like this. I thank God for showing me there is another way.
I am now a Renegade Gypsy, showing love for the people I meet and those that watch from afar.

One thing I have learned while I have been in Amish country is that the Amish are industrious, hard working, have a great sense for family values
and ever seeking a ‘home occupation’ since farmland is getting very pricey if it can be found at all.

Newly married couples often take over the farm or family business from their parents or start something on their own to support their lifestyle.

I was astonished to see a shed row built in the Walmart parking lot for their buggies! Yes, they shop at Walmart!

Amish horse and buggy

Shipshewana Amish Farm

Now, their beliefs forbid them from using electricity, or cars or even having a telephone in the house.
They are using what they have and doing ok.
Making buggies, jams, bakery, soap, quilts….


….and entertaining tours of ‘English’ (everybody else) among other things.


Many have gone to work side-by-side with the ‘English’ at the RV factories, but a lot have used what God has given them to earn a living for their families.

Oh, to be true to your beliefs!

For instance, one young man has a small farm but to make it profitable he needed to find a niche that he could fit into his family farm with minimal competition.
He has camels that he milks! And also makes some great soap from it as well.


Why camel milk?

1. AUTISM Relief; Researchers discovered that after a 4-year-old female participant drank camel milk for 40 days, her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year-old boy also recovered after 30 days of drinking the milk. In addition, several autistic 21-year-olds consumed camel milk for two weeks and were observed to be quieter and less self-destructive.

2. DIABETES Control; Researchers determined that consuming camel milk significantly reduced insulin doses required to maintain long-term glycemic, or blood sugar, control.

3. ALLERGIES; A study published in the December 2005 edition of the “Israel Medical Association Journal” investigated the effects of camel milk on eight children with severe milk and other food allergies. After failing to respond to conventional treatments, study participants consumed camel milk under the direction of researchers.

4. IMMUNE SYSTEM Strengthening; purportedly, the small size of the immunoglobulin’s, or antibodies, found in camel milk enables easy targeting and penetration of foreign disease-causing substances, called antigens, for destruction by the immune system. People with autoimmune system disorders, such as Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis, have immune systems that attack their own body tissues.

This is just a Taste of the lifestyle.

But, I pondered the thought that since I have no restrictions on technology or energy sources, the world is at my command – and would be for you as well – making me truly thankful for this lifestyle I have been gifted.

The Amish cannot use the Internet or a phone to ‘work from home’, but you and I can.

Realize what you have before you and take action.

Join me in this quest to empower people to take hold of what they have right in front of them, Lets do this together!
Start your new life HERE and now.


PS Just knowing that I have the unlimited power to create this lifestyle has me thinking higher and more focused than before.
Who knows, maybe we could buy a big farm and donate it to the Amish community. I would not have even thought of that had I not gone on this tour and stayed in their midst.
Can you go on a tour like that? Want to?
Come on with me. Click here 





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