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The Weirdness of Austin and RVillage

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Met up with Metamorphosis Road (Hans & Lisa) at Oak Forest RV Park and it is weird (as Austin is) we are parked right next to each other! How did we do that? !
We were set up, sitting and enjoying the scenery when I hear “Kimberly? Kimberly and Jess?
Turning around there was a strange man who introduced himself as Hans and just checked in with RVillage and it showed us being in the park. He saw what our rig was and lo and behold there it was next door! Whats the chances of that? We are not strangers any longer, but friends.
I love it!
If you an RVer or want to be? Check out RVillage.

Oak Forest RV Park: Nice park.

Stopped here because there was a scheduled KATS event at Decker Lake – down the road – and to get my Yak outfitted with a rudder by ACK (Austin Canoe & Kayaks while we were here.

Heron checking out my kayak

Heron checking out my kayak


It appears that the KATS (Kayak Anglers Tournament Series) has been rescheduled due to weather. I wanted to just be a groupie just checking out everyone’s setup. I am not that good at catching fish (yet).


Ill get out on the lake anyway once my boat is ready.
Love this life!

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2 thoughts on “The Weirdness of Austin and RVillage

  1. Jude Hiri

    Fantastic lifestyle… cant wait to do the same my friend so for now I am living vicariously through your travels… learning the how tos and the where is it at while youre journeying…all the best and much love to you from me in Australia… my maiden journey will be either here or in New Zealand 😉

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