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She wants it but He doesn’t – What to do?

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Need some advice from the women out there…

What can I say to my hubby to enlighten his view on leaving a boring house in a boring neighborhood with no furniture except a bed, white plastic patio chairs and a TV?

This house was a rental and if we are here it is not bringing rent. I’ve got my furniture in storage but I am going to liquidate that soon.

I don’t get him… he gets bored reading or watching TV but has no desire to get out and explore like I do. He even gets depressed a bit.

He is in his upper eighties so I understand his need for stability, he also has a good case of Old-Timers so anything I tell him I have to repeat 2-3x.

Have a cool new 5er (slang for Fifth Wheel trailer) that is so much more comfortable than the house – we’re going on a trip after the first but I don’t look forward to his whining and sighing which gets me bummed out.

I want to get to Livingston Texas and check out the Escapees Care facility – the main goal – It’s a 1500 mile trip that I plan on stopping over in a few places on the way, but how to get him on board with it is the question. First stop would be Quartzite for the big-tent thing.

It’s a change of scenery that I know will do him good, but how do I verbalize it to him?

Just wanted to see what y’all thought… we’re going anyway 😉
Leave your comments and tips to help a girl out!

Wife + Husband + RV = ?

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2 thoughts on “She wants it but He doesn’t – What to do?

  1. Clark & Sandy

    I don’t know if you ever made it to Livingston to check out the CARE facility but it is really top notch. If I get in a bad way, that’s where I want to go! Yes, we are Escapees and it has been a great organization.

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