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Out With The Old….

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The last quarter of 2017 saw some major changes to our mode of operation.

I took our 2015 F350 in for service, and came home with a new set of tires….. attached to a new truck! It ‘old one’ wasn’t very old at all, but it was there, and I was there, and boom! 

Big to-do for us was the bed-view camera to help with hitching the fifth-wheel. It also included an integrated tire monitor and DEF gauge. I love the gauges and the ability to track the mileage on the trailer now.

If you remember from my previous posts I talk about making it easier to get things done, and this just made sense. The monthly payment is just a bit more, but I didn’t have to put anything as a down payment. 

Most of the time I was also researching other fifth-wheels, toy-haulers in particular. I settled on a Fuzion 371 39′ fiver. It has a 6 point leveling system and half-bath plus a good-sized garage on a 2-axle frame with G rated tires. It also came with an 18 cf RV refrigerator. Somewhat heavier than the Cougar, the new F350 handles it great. 

Trying to get financing as a full-timer is a chore, at least it was for us, but we got it done and picked up a 2018 FZ371 at Holiday World RV in Alvarado Texas right at Thanksgiving time.

Very happy with my choice. 

As of this writing we are in Southern Arizona and are scheduled to get the solar system installed by Mobile Homestead Solar Services, who did a great job on our Cougar and wouldn’t trust anyone else to fit my solar needs. I cant wait to go off-grid entirely! 
Check them out on Facebook as @MobileHomesteadSolar or YouTube  where you can chat with them and explore your off-grid needs. 

So I hope you enjoyed this long over-due blog post. I am looking forward to seeing you out in the backcountry someday enjoying nature as much as I do. 


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