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How Going After The “Internet Lifestyle” Allowed Me To Start Living The RV Dream Life

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In order to arrive a destination, one must set their course and sails to take advantage of the trade winds. The RV dream begins.

Set of the Sail…

How can I do it? How can I tour the country in an RV anytime I want?

Look around my RV dream journal and you will discover my secret!

WooHoo! I am a full-fledged RV soldier!

Being the new owner of a big-ass Fifth Wheel, I made a point of learning everything I can so there are few surprises in our travels.

I am referring to attending the RV Boot Camp at North Ranch in Congress Arizona, put on by Escapees staff.

My main take away was the point of keeping the rigs tires in top shape and inflated to their optimum pressure, and having the load level and within the rigs’ safe load rating.

We learned a mess of cool tips.
Water saving techniques, electrical trouble-shooting, making it easy for the refrigerator to do its job and so much more!

A seriously important module was on fire-safety. We were made aware of the ridiculous smoke-detectors that are just about useless for the material in an RV, and proven by fire and science video.
3 minutes from alarm to evacuation is all you get! Past that and you are toast – PUN INTENDED!

Must have a plan to bail out when the alarm does go off. Better hedge the bet with a better smoke detector(s)!

Make sure the escape windows work and that everyone knows how to get out.

Definitely worth the price of admission.

RV dream life begins

I also suggest you look up my friends Jim and Chris Guld “Geeks on Tour” to get your computer and gadget related questions answered. You can find a resource of videos HERE


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