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Boondocking Bonanza Part 2

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Hey there!

It looks like its terminal…. 🙁

Yeah, I am a solar power addict!

No known cure except to put on my big girl pants and show you what has transpired since our last post on our solar power installation.
You can see that post here :

So, sit down and get out the tissues as you watch the latest adventure into the power of the sun! I so love boondocking! Dry camping to some of you, but it’s being off the grid totally.
Seriously, this is not a sad story but a praise report.

You see, Eddie of Mobile Homestead Solar Services is a humble servant seeking to assist where he feels the Lord leading. He loves his work and I am proud to let him perform his craft on my rig because I know it will be done right and tidy and within my budget.

Sometimes he gets a client who believes he should be working faster, but in reality, it’s the client who is constantly asking odd questions or refers to something they saw on YouTube causing him to stop to address that cutting into the budgeted time.

Maybe they think he should do his work like a fastfood place. Each install is different, and he tries his best to estimate given the circumstances.

I stay out of his way and let him do his magic without interfering unless he calls attention to something I should know. It’s worked great and we are STILL friends! lol.

Alright, check out this video of my current system, bringing in about 620watts.

Be sure to get your t-shirt supporting the Wounded Warrior Project:


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