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Wilderness Lakes, Menifee Ca

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Being new to the “full-time” circuit, I chose Wilderness Lakes as it was close to the house we were putting up for sale and we were still cleaning it out.

Part of the Thousand Trails campground network, Wilderness Lakes – which doesn’t have lakes but a channel that runs through the park – attracts many families with small children. There is fishing available but I didn’t get a chance.

The park, or preserve as it’s called, is laid out pretty good and there is enough room for larger rigs to maneuver between the eucalyptus trees. The facilities are older but clean. There is a small café that runs out of the activity center and church service on Sundays.

The general area is rural and though in times past there were problems with flies from local dairies and egg ranches, but that has all resolved itself. The dairies cant’ keep up with the pressing housing projects and so have sold out. The cows are gone and they were in the process of collecting the accumulated manure while we were here.
The egg ranch is still in operation but you would hardly know it.

The city of Menifee is rapidly expanding and growing. Many restaurants and shopping centers have established themselves for you to enjoy. The Countryside Marketplace is a delight to experience with the country feel of the grounds.

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the preserve a 7, lacking only to be updated in the facilities.

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