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WeBoost to a Better Connection – Review

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Trying to do online tasks when it takes for ever to upload or download something is very frustrating, time consuming and adds unnecessary data to the plan.

I gave myself a Christmas present this year and think it will gift me back many times.

Since getting an unlimited verizon data plan I no longer use my WiFi Ranger to scout out and bring in free signals, although I will let it blend the two together for a more reliable signal when free wifi is in range. But where we camp there is rarely wifi in range, unless we are in a truck stop, Cracker Barrel or casino, sometimes not even then.

My major pain in the rear has been getting a strong enough Verizon data signal to carry out simple tasks like video uploads and attending online trainings.
The dang circle just keeps spinning!

So, I bit the bullet and purchased the weBoost Drive 4GX-OTR which is the truckers edition. It comes with an good sized omni-directional antennae that doesn’t need to be aimed and is designed to keep truck drivers in contact with the cell service.

I didn’t want to cheap-out and get something that wasn’t going to measure up to my needs.

I decided on this one in particular based on others’ reviews, see them for yourself:

Ray over at Love Your RV did a good review of his.

Technomadias review on their member site (must be a member to view)

Feeling inspired, I bolted the antennae to the ladder using the mount included and ran the lead wire through the slide. I tapped into a nearby 12v light and hooked up a 12v receptacle. Its not yet where I want it but I mainly wanted to get it operational asap.

The following video shows the boost in my two MiFi devices, enjoy!

Want one?
Here’s where I got mine:

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