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We are camped at Middle Concho West, is next to Twin Buttes Dam and is located in Tom Green County, Texas

When we first pulled in, we were presented with a lot of paths that wind around the water. Trash cans and picnic benches and a couple of restrooms. We are fully self-contained and solar powered so no utilities needed – save the air conditioner needs the generators as desired.
Love to be Off-Grid!

I got as close to the water as I could, but because of the abundant grass I wanted to stay on solid ground as it has been raining here in West-Central Texas, so set up on a path next to a picnic bench. There was another road that went around so thought I would be ok.

Well, no sooner had I got the slides and jacks down and went up top to put my satellite antennae that I spotted a San Angelo Police car watching me from the nearby path. I waved and came down in case he wanted to say something.

He Did!

“You know you are on the main path?”
What? I thought it was a pull-through, and wanted to stay off the grass which is what I get when at any other park.

“I didn’t know that. Give me a couple hours and I’ll move it.” I said as he was obviously not happy with having to tell me that. I mean, he and I agreed that the rain was a factor and there isn’t hardy anyone here (back to school time).

Me being the honest, do what you must even when no one is looking-type, got hooked up and reset to move.

I decided to back into the tall grass below where I was as it flattened out about 20’ from the blasted ‘path/road”.

I then unhooked and reset the slides and jacks. By this time I was tired and decided to go plop down inside when I looked out my rear window and….

saw IT!

A huge cross someone had planted in their yard across the water. Ah! I must need to refocus and reflect a bit more with my Mentor.

So there was a reason that Officer happened by when he did.
I get it!

It was worth all the effort!


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