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To Bike or Not to Bike

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To me, having a bike is necessary for the RV-er. But not everyone can ride one, like my husband who has a bad knee (working on that).

In our travels, I am the captain of the ‘ship’ as well as the galley hand, navigator and dog-walker. So how does a bicycle fit in there?


I have brought my bike on occasions and never rode it. I want to reverse that and make a point of getting out there.

Since my dog Chico is very pack-bound and frets when I am away, I wanted to find something maybe I could use to take him with me. Since he has only 3 legs, having him run beside me would not be humane. He could keep up for a while but would soon tire out.

I figured once we got to a spot I could get him out with a leash and let him do his doggie thing.

He is about 14 pounds, for a Mini Schnauzer this is pushing the limit being as he is about as tall as they can be, so a simple bag will not work.  I got to looking around online and found a rear basket that looks like this:

Another option I was considering was a trailer for my bike, something like this:

Dog trailer

This might work around campgrounds but maybe not on trails.

I invite other RV Doggies to chime in with what works for them!


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