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The Southwest is Alive

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Meeting up at a place we’ve not been before, the Wyoming Gypsies invited us to experience the splendor of The Valley Of The Gods. Man! Incredible.

It has a few spots to allow our 35’ Cougar to fit in nicely. We actually shared a turn out with them and their rig. From there, its safe only for non-towables or tear-drops, a few switch-backs down the road.

Its BLM land and its free to camp, and I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list.

Its spring time and there are wild flowers and water and TADPOLES!
Speaking of which, if it does rain, it gets a bit “red” and sticky so be prepared. It rained one day and it was worth it to wait for it to dry, which it did fast.

Check some out the photos that I was able to capture:

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Hope you enjoyed it as much as we have! 

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