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The Changing Seasons

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Well, we have been steadily heading south for the last month.
Visited family in Illinois, which is always good.

How we got up there is a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it minimal.

We were in Mid-Texas in March scouting out places we might want to stay a while.
Visited San Antonio and tried to find Jesse’s boyhood home, but that was a good 80 years ago!
Things change and he could remember exactly. He was just a young boy then.

Then I get a panicked call from my sisters boyfriend saying she was having hallucinations.
He is not very stable either. He couldn’t put up with it and bailed out leaving her alone.

Little bit about my sis: She is handicapped from birth. Dwarfed and a bit retarded. Because of her physical condition, her back and neck are degenerating, having a few surgeries to make it bearable.
Needless to say, she has to have someone looking out for her.
So being the Big Sis that I am, I called my brother to see what he was doing. He got time off from his trucking job and flew up there to be with her until I could arrive.

It took 2.5 days of mountain driving in the wind and rain through Utah, Colorado and finally up to Oregon where she was and I was able to find a nearby RV park to stay until I could get her set up in a care facility. My brother had to get back to work and flew back to SoCal 2 days later.

We were there a good 5 weeks, but she was in good hands.

By this time it was May. Summer will be here soon. We decided to stay up north and visit some places while its getting hot in the south. After many miles and breakdowns, we are now in Many Louisiana on the border of Texas. Toledo Bend Lake separates the two.

I wanted to be here at this time because there is KBF tournament on this lake and I wanted to be a part of it somehow.
While nearly here, King decides to colic. Literally, the turbocharger spun its bearings and that was the last straw. Its time King got a new life. King is 11 now and has been a great tow vehicle, but his job has now changed.
Enter Larry the Platinum Lariat F350. Our new power plant. Best part I like about Larry is the step assist in the tailgate. Man, that is going to save the ole knees!
Larry the Lariat

So Fall is upon us. We will be heading back into Texas seeking out a good home base. Jesse is ready for a nice porch to sit on and a TV he can watch all the night long if he wants!

Until then, upward and onward!


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