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Snowed In

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Wow, what an incredible weekend this has been. Christmas has come and gone and NOW it is snowing in El Paso Texas.
Yes, snow in El Paso. It is 27th of December 2015.

It is incredible, we actually got snowed in!

We pulled in here it was raining it was freezing. The weatherman did not tell the truth, because I was supposed to be AHEAD of this storm, but NO!

So anyway I shot a little a video, and its starting to melt. Its going to be a bog out here. Its ok. They NEED the water.

2 days after Christmas its a white blanket, too bad it didn’t happen ON Christmas.

When we pulled in, it was freezing and I had a thought of digging out my pipe insulation for the waterline. But you know what happened to ‘thought’?

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