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RV Tools Quick List

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Hey there!

I wanted to offer you a list you can study to figure out what you may or MAY NOT have to keep on board your RV in the way of tools for the occasional repair (YES, they WILL happen. Trust me).

My kit is always changing because sometimes I figure I would be better off hiring someone to do the job. In the beginning I had every sort of hand tool because when we had a stick built house it was necessary, and when we packed up the RV, some of those came with us, but alas, a LOT of them found their way to the Thrift Stores.

There is a RV proverb that states “If you haven’t used it in 6-12 months, out it goes”. This rule will help you I am sure.


What’s in YOUR Toolbox?

I found some resources I want to share with you today. Look them over and see what works for your set up, each one is different. Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers are different than Motorhomes and Class B’s are different still. 

Here is a post by The RV Doctor with a summary of items to carry: CLICK HERE to View

An Assortment of VIDEOS you can study in list format : SEE THESE YouTube Videos to get ideas.

Hope this helped in some way. Leave a comment about your tool kit. 


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