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Rivers Edge RV

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Pretty nice but older park. Gravel sites that are pretty close together but enough room to park you other vehicle next to your RV.
Rivers Edge RV
Rivers Edge RV Resort in Yuma Arizona, the amenities are well maintained.  They include a centrally located recreational building.  A administration building with incoming and outgoing service.  Each lot has an assigned mail box.  Over sized swimming pool with two spas.  A room for a round of billiards or a game of cards.  There is a concrete boat launch ramp.  There is 3/4 mile of Colorado River frontage but I didn’t get to see it.  Shuffleboard, horseshoe pits, laundry, showers, restrooms.

I was made aware that my dogs were not to do their business anywhere but on the access road, making sure to pick up the nuggets, which I do always. Nice in theory, but tell that to the dogs when they have to walk a good stretch to get there.

The owners also don’t use a computer (at this time) so checking in is a bit frustrating. No brochures either, look it up here and best to go to the Chamber of Commerce to get the local events I was told.
One of my goals this year was to get here to Yuma so I could go across to Los Algodones to get my teeth cleaned.
You see, my insurance said that in order for them to do a basic clean I would need to have a deep cleaning first that I would have to pay big $$ for.
Yes, you need a deep cleaning so we aint gonna pay for a basic.
So not wanting my teeth to get any worse I stopped in
Los Algodones to have the basic done and at half what it would have cost me.
Well now that that is done, I feel like I have options now and not limited to what the Big Insurance companies say I should do.
Next time through here I have a better idea of what to expect now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and maybe learned something through my adventure, I know I have!

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