Love the RV Life!

Must Haves

Keep your eyes on this page as I update with things I have found that I cannot and will not do without, as well as recommendations from other Mobilites!

  1. Solar Power! Yes! Do what you can within your means to get some kind of solar power to supplement your batteries. With the solar install, get fixed up with an inverter to make use of that free energy. Its the best thing I have done.
  2. Good road hazard policy. This is in addition to your insurance. If you have a tire failure, you are going to be walking if you don’t have one. I use CoachNet and love them.
  3. Good Tires – if your rubber hasn’t been rolled a lot they are probably deteriorating and their life span has been reduced. Normally, if they are less than 6 years old and have been exercised frequently, they are ok. I wont make any recommendations because there are so many applications. Best to do an internet search for your size tire and rig and ask other RV’rs too.