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Met up with RV Happy hour’s (RVHH) Ray and Anne. Eddie and Aileen are here too!
Eddie is all about solarizing RV’s and is highly recommended.
Check him out at:

Mobile Homestead Solar Services

Lots going’ on here at Ogilby where we are boon docking.

Ray is Dumping. Pumping. and Filling!

Eddie is going crazy trying to get me outfitted for solar. (You would NOT believe what we went through today).

Me? I’m just hoping the rain lets up so we can get done what needs to get done:

My water pump is about to be “fired” for off duty action.
My Progressive Dynamics converter is getting relocated and outfitted with a snazzy little Wizard button to put the charging on steroids!

I did replace 6 interior bulbs with LED’s. Very Nice! What a difference.

Hopefully by week-end I’ll be “styling” with a bank of Trojan batteries being fed by shiny new solar panels up top and we’re watching TV without the genny running with the INVERTER!

To be continued….


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