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Coming back to home-base and finding the wind has torn up your yard is a little maddening.
Well, I wanted to update the house anyway so here is the opportunity!

Anyway, while we were out there, I wanted to do more fishing but didn’t have a means to get out there to where the fish are with out renting the gear.

So, while asking about renting a center console power boat the lady behind the counter mentioned she Kayaks around the marina every morning as a means of a work out.

WHAT? Thats cool!

While we were in Illinois visiting family, my son-in-law has a brand new bass boat he took us out on. That was a blast. I didn’t have a chance to get to my camera and now I regret that!

We got to talking about kayaks and he said that there are lots of fishing type boats out there, and pros doing just that!

Kayak Fish

Ok, thats the ticket for me.
No boat and motor or trailer to maintain or insure.

So I am on a quest to find the right Kayak and rigging.
Next would be how to haul it with our RV-Truck combo.

I have done some research and have narrowed it down but I would like input on anything you all out there can offer.

This is a picture from another RV’er that looks like a good setup:

Fifth-wheel and Kayak

Fifth-wheel and Kayak

Chime in if you can.

I love to hear other stories.


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