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Hey there!

Just wanted to post an update on our up coming trip.

Previously I wrote about how our old motor home (MH) was ready for a new family. She was sold to some very deserving people with kids raring to go exploring!

We then had the perfect fifth-wheel (5er) show up at the perfect time! The financial things were the key. I put out a ‘fleece’ (Judges 6:36-40) saying  “If I was supposed to have it then the finances would work in our favor” .. this is coming from someone who has the worst credit in the south-western US!

The LORD works in mysterious ways! I cried when we got approved.

So here we are!

I have been studying and researching RV sites and forums like crazy!

If you have not seen Rays blog, you are in for a treat! Go check it out and say I didn’t tell ya so!

I discovered a few things that needed to be tweaked and customised. Me and my buddy ‘DeWalt’ took care of it.

Anywoo, getting all the necessary stuff packed and desions on what to take or not, like the folding hammock is a big NOT… never use it.
Debating on the outdoor grill/stove. The 5er has a cool outlet that I can attach the stove outside and use the propane from the tanks. 

Since I do the cooking, cleaning and camp setup and tear-down, I dont know if this would be a plus or a minus. I’ll post a question in the RV way to learn about something is to ask those that have gone before you.
The main thought is saving weight. 
The more we are hauling the less MPG we get, and the more handling issues show up.

So getting real close to our departure. The first point of interest (POI) will be the Big Tent RV Show in Quartzite and then on to the RVBOOTCAMP in Congress Arizona. After that, then we can meander around until we get to Livingston Texas.

What is in Livingston? 
That will be in my next post!

Catch ya on the flip-flop!

-Kimberly (wagon master)

PS As I enjoy sipping my favorite tea, I am reminded of the pleasures of life we take for granted.
I am slowing myself down this year in order to ‘be still‘ taking in the sheer awesomeness of my world.
Come and let me share with you! 

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