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Grab Rail and Interior Door Relocation

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We made a modification recently to the Cougar that has been on my wish list for a while now.

Because Jesse is a Sexy Senior Citizen and through no fault of his, the ole body isn’t working like in his fighting days.

Watching him climbing up the steps to get to the bathroom, grabbing the door jamb trying to heave his self up to the next step is painful to see. It was just a matter of time before his grip would give way and cause a serious fall. But God bless him, he does what he can with what he has.

I do know that he won’t be able to get up there in the future, but I can make it easier for him now by relocating the way the door opens and adding a grab rail to assist him.

The Cougar came stock with a bathroom door that opens toward the person, or to the right, causing whomever was on the landing to have to step to the side to get out of the way of the door.

So, most of the time we left the door open so he didn’t have to deal with that obstacle. Doing so, he would grab the door jamb digging his nails into the soft “wood”.

The layout also has a small hall that leads around the bathroom to the bedroom. This has a nice door with a glass insert. This door rarely got used as we just went through the bathroom to the bedroom anyway.

By looking at the factory layout below, which is how the door is NOW hung, it appears that Keystone mounted my Cougars’ bath door on the wrong side.


So, with the help of skilled camper renovation expert, Homesteading Services, the nice glass bedroom door is now the bath door that actually opens the correct way. I installed a curtain rod in place of the original bedroom door.

AND we added a grab rail for safety.

While we had to enlarge the bathroom door opening to match the new glass door, I also had the thermostat relocated to a better viewing location (shown in the pictures). It was in the hall and was very hard to read. Besides, it wasn’t  getting accurate room temperature in the small area across from the the linen cabinet.

For reference, see this photo (not my Cougar, didn’t get a before shot):


2017-03-04 17.41.42

Old bath door removed, opening enlarged and grab rail installed.

2017-03-08 12.26.51

Thermostat relocated.

2017-03-08 12.26.26

Finished modification. Much Better!

Next project: Washer and Dryer.

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