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Hey happy campers out there!

Been a while since my last post but been super busy.

We’ve been back in California  for a few months getting our real estate managed and doctor and dental visits taken care of.
On that note, I plan on a visit to Yuma to boondock in the area and go into Los Algodones to have my teeth cleaned.

The dentists here want too much and will not give me a basic cleaning because I need the deeper procedure.

I’ve also done some mods to the truck so I can get out in the water with my kayak. Can’t wait to fish the lakes we come to!


More pictures to follow.

Once we’ve got the house  rent-ready or listed for sale, that will be it!  No looking back.
I cant wait. A little anxious because of the unknown, but that too will pass!

I will keep you posted as we go.



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