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Electronics Charging Station Ideas

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I am a gadget junkie and that means a lot of charging cords!

Those cords can get tangled real easy, mine do anyway, so I figured out something that works for the tight space and outlet restrictions in my Cougar Fifth Wheel.

My layout is set up in a way that has a cozy (read: small) desk area that is one point that sold me on the RV and being able to work while “Out There”.
It has an electrical outlet above the desk, and two in the rear of the living area.
My Cougar Layout

The desk is also right beside the TV. I am not much of a TV watcher but it is important to my husband.  Not to get on another subject but I wish he would make more use of the wireless headset I plugged in to the Tube. The headset doesn’t really fit comfortably. I guess that will be another gadget upgrade later.

If you see the chairs in the layout they don’t exactly fit in the rear of the living area. Design boo-boo? I dont know but I have to flip the chairs up on to the couch to close the slides. So I just use the area behind the chairs for storage for my printers and vacuum AND my charging station!

RV Cord Management

Here’s a video of the set up:



So, I recommend using an power strip, a surge protector is preferred. Keep your cords manageable with toilet paper rolls or similar tubes, even velcro strips.

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