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Hey gang,

While Labor Day came up on us I totally forgot to make any reservations anywhere until the week before the holiday. DUH!

While I LOVE to boondock, it’s not so pleasant in the summer in West Texas!

Why are we here? looking for a potential homebase/house to return to in the cooler months.

Anyway, so everywhere I looked there were no openings, so the nearby park, run by the city of San Angelo Texas, allows you to camp there.

It was Friday morning of the holiday weekend and we managed to get a fairly good spot next to the water – I have to put my kayak in ya know!

There were already about 6 rigs set up. It had rained hard the days before so it was a point to find a dry area in the grass, which was swarming with displaced ANTS!

There was a local company that came around with a truck and trailer loaded with porta-potties, dump tanks, and water. They offered to rent these. Great opportunity for business,

By Saturday afternoon, the place was crawling with pop-up trailers, tents, motorhomes, trailers, canopies and GENERATORS!

I tried to position my truck to block some of the offending noise but they were EVERYWHERE!
Harbor Freight had a labor day sale I guess.

These folks are from the city and have to run the machines ALL night and day – the AC and Microwaves need the juice. One group brought in a commercial diesel generator, which was way quieter than the Home Depot specials.

Do I think my 2 2k/watt Hondas are the best? No, but they are easy for me to handle and will get my AC to work fine. Most just see the price tag and run away thinking that’s too much. But the convenience plus being quiet for harmony with the neighbors makes it worth it to me.

We also invested in our enjoyment by adding a complete solar system to our rig. Installed by one of our own fulltiming RVers, Mobile Homesteading Services. Best thing I ever had done! 

{I have to make a disclaimer here: I DO realize that most of these folks are just weekend warriors and that generator was all they could afford. OR they thought it was a good deal out of ignorance.}

If you are reading this post I hope to not offend but to enlighten you to be a good neighbor and enclose your noisy genny with sheets of plywood or something. 

I welcome your CONSIDERATE comments! 


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