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Capturing the heart of the Adventure even if it is still in Dream Mode!
“Lets Make a Point To Leave This Place Better Than When We Came, One Life at a Time.”

This has been my mantra for quite a while now.
Born and raised in sunny California. We started with a truck and camper setup. That worked great as we went west to east every other year. But when we were blessed with a beautiful son, we thought that the camper was just not big enough.

Our next step was getting into a Class C and I was loving that! Hey, while Jesse was driving I could go back to the kitchen and come back with some refreshments or to the bathroom for …. you know šŸ˜‰

Catalina and Lady

Catalina and Lady

I always had a penchant for horses and it wasn’t long until I had my own little ranch and not one, but 10 equines!

Yeah, just a bit obsessive.

Because we were in Cali, the cost of feed for those 10 big stomachs was really taking a bite out of our budget.
So, I decided to really downsize and rehome all of them to great families.

About that time the housing bubble busted and I lost my job and the same time. Saddest year in my life as we had several rentals that lost value immediately, no more borrowing from them to make repairs.

But it turned out very good as it forced me to rethink what my priorities were. I put too much value on THINGS and not LIFE. There were also underlying things affecting this decision.

All this time though, I was working online in various businesses. Some good some not. I have chosen to stay with what my heart is happy with and help others with a Plan B while recapturing the health that God intended. Most end up with a Plan A eventually as they grasp the vision of life + health = peace of mind. We stay with organic non-GMO produce and meats where we can plus non-toxic wildcrafted supplements and that has proven to be the best healthcare plan anyone could get.

With my new vision of life going forward we sold the house and moved into another that was a prior rental of ours.
My whole thinking here was to get ready to go fulltime and preparing. Our furniture was given away to my son and his new family (he was 19 by now) and several yard sales later we had gotten to core of existence. All those classic cars were just becoming ONE with the Earth anyway.

By this time our Motorhome (Catalina) was showing her age. She was not going to serve us well without a lot of repair. So I got to researching what I really wanted. We had a very nice truck that in the past years only shuttled hay and a horse every now an again. My research led me to fifth wheels and the incredible amenities they offered. I know what I wanted in a layout and searched online for floorplans. It came down to 2. A Cougar and a Mountaineer.

Found a new family for Catalina to love her and set about my search.

While visiting an RV dealer one day the salesman asked what I was looking for. I told him my budget and layout wishes. He took down the lot and we looked at what he had. We went in a couple and not ‘feeling it’ went to the next one. He was thinking he wasn’t meeting my demands and took me to a higher end rig that noway I could afford at the time,past a little 35′Ā . “Nice” I told him but too much.

Then decided to leave and went back past thatĀ Ā little 35′ rig. It was a Cougar! ANDĀ not only that, its the exact floorplan I wanted!

Incredible. After shuffling papers back and forth she was ours!
Katie the Kat House is ours.

The rest you will have to read about on theses pages.
Thanks for allowing me to share!

New Mexico 062